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***** Source URLs for Bulletins
Andy Club:
ARRL Maine Section Page:
and hams like you... Thank you

Please keep others informed, email announcements to ALL four of us:
David Lowe WE1U

Steve Hansen KB1TCE Maine ARES State Emergency Coordinator:

Dick Knight N1NYW,Andy CLub Secretary and Webmaster:

Joy Lynne Foss K1SEW ARRL Maine Section Public Infromation Coordinator:

Hospital Amateur Radio Program Net
1st and 2nd Wednesdays 1600L
Mt. Washington Repeater 146.655MHz- 100.0Hz
4th Wednesday on the 146.880MHz-100Hz 
KQ1L Link System

**** Events
Links from WX1GYX SKYWARN Operation

Saturday 5 January 2019 1800z(1pm EST) to 2359z(6:59pm EST)
ARRL Kid's Day

26 and 27 January 2019
Winter Field Day 1900z(2pm EST) Saturday to 1900z(2pm EST) Sunday
Station set-up
* no earlier than 1900z(2pm EST) on Friday
* no more than 12 hours total,

Tuesday April 23, 2019
11th Annual Maine Partners in Emergency Preparedness Conference
Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, Maine.

**** ARES Strategic Plan

Applications for the 2019 ARRL Foundation scholarship program will be accepted
between midnight, October 1, 2018 and 11:59 PM Eastern
Standard Time January 31, 2019.  
Transcripts must be received by Thursday, February 14, 2019.

**** New Technician Question Pool on 1 July 2018 
New book:

Ubuntu Package for Exam review:

Maine Packet Group

NH-ARES Academy

***** Repeaters
New Repeater on-air
Livermore ME at Tim WT1A's residence.
146.895MHz - 103.5Hz(input AND output)
Like the Lewiston 146.610MHz-88.5Hz and Poland 147.315MHz+103.5Hz this is
a Yeasu Fusion C4FM Digital/Analog Repeater.
check for channel activity in other modes before transmitting ;)

Buckfield 224.620-103.5/Norway 147.120+136.5 Repeaters
W1IF and W1OCA Repeater AND New Rumford N1BOX 146.910-100Hz Repeater are

**** NWS SKYWARN Weather Spotter Training
Open to Public
Free of Charge
about 90 minutes long
NWS Gray Schedule Page:
FYI on SKYWARN NWS-Gray Program:

NWS Caribou Schedule Page:
FYI on SKYWARN NWS-Caribou Program:

Online SKYWARN Training

Saturdays 1930L on 146.880MHz-100Hz KQ1L System
Operatons Page:

***** Hamfest
Friday and Saturday March 29 and 30, 2019
Maine ARRL Convention and Andyfest

****ARES/RACES Meetings
1st Saturday 5 January 2019 0800L
Franklin  ARES/CERT Com Meeting
Franklin EOC
Franklin County Courthouse
140 Main Street, Farmington, Maine

1st Monday 7 January 2019  1900L
Oxford ARES/CERT Com Meeting
Oxford EOC
Basement of Courthouse
26 Western Ave
Paris, ME

2nd Tue 8 January  1800L
16 Community Way
Topsham, ME

2nd Wed 9 January 1800L
Lincoln ARES
Fire Station
86 River Road
Newcastle, ME

2nd Saturday 15 January  0915L
Knox ARES Meeting
Knox County EMA
301 Park St.
Rockland, ME

Androscoggin ARES/RACES Net MOVING to 1930L on January 3rd 

3rd Wed 19 December 1730L
Androscoggin ARES/RACES Meeting
Andorscoggin EOC
Basement of Central Fire Station
Lewiston ME
enter by way of 45 Oak St

**** Central Maine ARES Nets
Sat 0730L 3582kHz USB +1500Hz PSK125 NH Digital Net
Sat 0830L 3945kHz LSB NH Emergency Communications Net
Sat 1930L 146.880MHz-100Hz SKYWARN Training NET

Sun 1700L 3940kHz LSB Maine Emergency Communications Net
Sun 1900L 145.290MHz-100Hz(Wales,ME) Kennebec ARES
Sun 1930L 146.730MHz-100Hz(Falmouth,ME) Cumberland ARES

Mon 1900L 146.985MHz-136.5Hz(Wiscasset,ME) Lincoln ARES
Mon 1930L 147.210MHz-100Hz(Phippsburg,ME) Mid-Coast ARES
Mon 1930L 146.880MHz-100Hz(Buckfield, ME) Oxford ARES
Mon 1930L 147.270MHz+136.5Hz(Knox, ME) Waldo ARES

1st, 3rd and 5th Mon 1930L:
146.970MHz-100Hz(Sugarloaf Mt, ME) Somerset ARES
2nd and 4th Mon 1930L:
146.730MHz-91.5Hz(Madison, ME) Somerset ARES

Tue 1900L 145.490MHz-91.5Hz(Washington,ME) Knox ARES
Wed 1900L 147.180MHz+123Hz(Farmington, ME) Franklin ARES

Boca Raton Amateur Radio Association
Palm Beach County Florida USA
Nets: Mon 1900L
via Echolink node: 826953

fldigi 4.0.18
flmsg 4.0.7
flamp 2.2.03
flwrap 1.3.5 first change since change since 2012

direwolf 1.5 (Stable Release October 2018)

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