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fldigi-NBEMS(Narrow Band Emergency Messageing System) Suite

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xmls files for rig control

Custom Forms

American Red Cross forms for flmsg,zip file to extract into nbems/CUSTOM folder
How to make Custom Forms

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Audio Interface

Sound Card Interface Presentation slides(PDF approx 36MBytes) from the May 17, 2017 Androscoggin ARES/RACES Meeting

Kenwood TM-D710/Yaesu FT857D Audio Data Port Interface Notes PDF
PTT circuit diagram based on one by KH6TY.
six to a page isolated/non-isolated and combined/seperate ptt
Interface page

Radio Audio Interface Board

svg file

Radio Audio Interface board

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Radio Audio Interface board

fldigi Macros

fldigi macro bar configure screenshot
Screenshot of fldigi macro bar config
My fldigi macros.mdf file
Macro file description for fldigi 4.x.x
Macro file description for fldigi 3.1x

Hospital Amateur(Ham)Radio Program

I have some updates in the frequency list for the Central Maine Regional Resource Center Hospital Radios. The plan is to have a set of common VHF frequencies in the channel memories for all Hospitals and Health Centers in the Region. Most hospitals have either a Kenwood TM-D710 or a TM-D700. Some Health Centers have the Kenwood TK-7160 which MUST be pre-programmed, aka NO VFO.
This is an older workbook with old frequencies.

Updated Hospital Workbook----Work IN progress

Update partially March 22, 2018
St Mary's TM-D710A chirp csv file March 21,2018
Hosptial Frequency List-WORK IN PROGRESS
ICS Forms include ICS-213 Message(page 62/108) and ICS-214 Log(page 65/108)

Hospital Incident Command System

2014 HICS Documents

Equipment info for Central Maine Hosptials(TM-700/710), Health Center(TK-7160) and Androscoggin EOC(FT-897) radios

My chirp csv file for my Yeasu FT-857D and the listing PDF
My chirp csv file for my Kenwood TH-F6A NOTE:I have some 220 MHz, Marine and Lewiston/Auburn area public safety frequencies in the file too.
The list did have the repeaters in frequency order but over time frequency/tones change.

The duplicates in the range of 101 to 128 are intended to be for the most important local frequencies, so they will be close together for quick switching and to provide a list to put in radios with limited number of memory channels.
The essential Androscoggin ARES/RACES Frequencies are in the range of 101 and 122 in generally decreasing order of importance. Except maybe 119 and 120
channel 119 is the US APRS Frequency, the pl tone is for Voice Alert
channel 120 is the Maine ARES Packet Frequency
101 CALLIN 146.520
102 ARES 1 146.460
103 AUBURN 146.610 - TSQL 88.5
104 POLAND 147.315 + TSQL 103.5
105 Livermore 146.895 - TSQL 103.5 Limited Range
106 ARES 2 147.540
107 ARES 3 146.430
108 WALES 145.290 - Tone 100.0
109 FARM180 147.180 + Tone 123.0      LITCH 146.700 - Tone 100.0  **** Note: Now a DMR Repeater
110 KQ1L88 146.880 - Tone 100.0
111 KQ1L97 146.970 - Tone 100.0
112 LIVFAL 147.225 + Tone 123.0
113 NWS-Gray 147.045 + Tone 103.5
114 Blackstr 147.090 + Tone 100.0
115 WZ1J 147.135 + Tone 103.5
116 OX1SKY 146.550 88.5
117 OX2 147.435 88.5
118 OX3 146.505 88.5
119 NATAPRS 144.390 Tone 100.0
120 MEPACK 145.010
121 MTWASH 146.655 - Tone 100.0
122 Nshar 147.375 + Tone 131.8
123 NORWAY 147.120 + Tone 136.5  ***W1OCA linked to W1IF Buckfield 224.620 - Tone 103.5Hz

Updated List March 22, 2018
Added #123 Norway 147.120 
Changed #109 to Farmington 147.180

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